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Advantages of HARSLE CNC Electro-Hydraulic Press Brakes

HARSLE press brake

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Configurations Brands

  1. They will use the Chinese brand proportional valve, but HARSLE will use the German Rexroth valve.
11 HARSLE valve
1.2 Other Valve

2. They will use the Chinese brand main motor, but HARSLE will use the SIEMENS motor.

2.1 HARSLE motor
2.2 Other motor

3. They will use a Chinese-brand servo motor, but HARSLE will use a Japanese YASKAWA motor.

3.1 HARSLE servo motor
3.2 Other servo motor

4. They did not do any antirust treatment on the toolings, but HARSLE do the barfing on the toolings, it will be ant-rust and extend the life of the toolings.

4.1 HARSLE toolings
4.2 Other toolings

5. Other companies use a cheap or fake brand pump with loud noise and more maintenance. HARSLE uses the original FIRST brand from the USA.

5.1 HARSLE pump
5.2 Other pump

6. Other companies use the welded tube, which will cause welding slag and it will cause the valve stuck. HARSLE uses a German EMB Tubing connector without any oil leakage.

6.1 HARSLE tube
6.2 Other tube

Machine Processing

  1. Other companies are manual welding without post-processing, and spot welding leads to deformation. But HARSLE is beautiful welding with post-processing, fully welding without deformation.
7.1 HARSLE welding
7.2 Other welding

2. Other companies use easily deformed by using thin material. HARSLE uses a strong cabinet using thick material.

8.1 HARSLE cabinet
8.2 Other cabinet

3. Other companies will use Aluminium type, which will be light and shake during movement. HARSLE uses a steel heavy back gauge for the press brake, it is more stable, faster, and more accurate than other brands.

9.1 HARSLE structure
10.1 HARSLE cable
9.3 Other backgauge

4. They did not do the arrangement for the cables well. It will cause a potential safety hazard. But HARSLE will protect the cables with a cover and put them in specific areas.

10.1 HARSLE cable
10.2 Other cable

5. They did not do any protection on the important parts like the servo motors, which can cause any potential safety hazard, but HARSLE will make the cover to protect them well.

10.1 HARSLE cable
11.2 Other cover

6. Our feeder has rollers, they don’t have

12.1 HARSLE feeder
12.2 Other feeder

Modern technology

  1. The footswitch of other companies will only have one button for emergency stop and this is an old-fashion design, but HARSLE will use a new design footswitch with more functions, it will be a single-step type, one return button, and one emergency button. Below is our foot pedal video link on YouTube.
13. 1 other pedal

2. We use round alloy here to make sure the plate position, it’s more durable, and make sure long-time accuracy. Other companies don’t use alloy here.

14.1 HARSLE back stopper
14.2 Other stopper

3. We are definitely the most professional in the press brake, we added a safety guard in the CNC controller, but they don’t have this function. We will study and add more functions later.

15.1 HARSLE safety guard

Technical Support

  1. HARSLE technical team is always focusing on providing the best tutorial and technical solutions for our customers. You can get them easily from our official website or our youtube channel. It can help you to use the machine properly and easily. 

2. HARSLE has an English-speaking engineering team that can help you solve any problem easily and quickly. You can also check the records from the following pictures. In some countries, we have a field training team too.



HARSLE will provide a 3-year warranty for your machine. Within the warranty period. HARSLE can send the spare parts to you to replace them for free. What is more, even after the warranty period, HARSLE engineer team can also provide online service for you without cost forever.

Stable Leading Time

HARSLE has more professional engineers and working equipment to make sure the production is finished on time. Our lead time for the machine can be more than two weeks earlier than others.

Competitive Prices

Under same good quality, our price must be better than other company, you can save money if you choose the same machine.

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