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Advantages and principles of fiber laser welding machine

Advantages and principles of fiber laser welding machine
Advantages and principles of fiber laser welding machine
Advantages and principles of fiber laser welding machine 3

1. 8 advantages of fiber laser welding machine compared with traditional welding machine:

1.1 Fast speed, small deformation.

1.2 Can be at room temperature and special conditions such as vacuum or through the glass material can be welded, and the equipment device is simple.

1.3 The ability to weld anisotropic materials and refractory materials such as quartz with good results.

1.4 Precise positioning by means of a light spot during micro welding, allowing for mass production.

1.5 Non-contact long-distance welding is possible when welding hard-to-reach parts.

1.6 Can be adapted to various complex welding seams and spot welding of various devices.

1.7 The CCD camera monitoring system selected facilitates precise positioning.

1.8 The material used is ceramic concentrator cavity, which is resistant to corrosion and high temperature.

2.advantages of using fiber laser welding machine

2.1 fiber laser welding machine can be multi-way fiber output, can achieve energy splitting, the laser output laser energy is equally distributed to the output fiber; can also achieve time splitting, the laser energy according to different time intervals, the output to each road fiber in turn, to achieve different time different stations laser welding processing. Welding processing. The laser welding process can save the cost of equipment to the customer.

2.2 fiber laser welding machine laser in the fiber in the form of total reflection for transmission, in the process of transmission, the fiber will be uneven spot in the location of the spot for homogenization, the spot formed at the output of the fiber is a more uniform spot.

2.3 the laser has a thermal lens effect, it will make the laser output beam dispersion angle changes, if the laser output with hard optical path, the laser focal length is changing, reduce this change, hard optical path output is generally expanded after focusing: but if the fiber output, the laser dispersion angle depends on the numerical aperture of the fiber NA (dispersion and its loss is relatively small, do not consider), the laser output focus is constant.

2.4 fiber optic transmission laser welding machine, can be laser output to the need for welding, with the robot can achieve continuous complex space curve of the laser welding process to meet customer needs.

2.5 fiber laser welding machine either mirror frame or concentrator cavity, the use of time is generally a few months, in the continuous use of equipment vibration, the lens alignment will be reduced, if the energy output is weakened, to the light path slightly adjusted to restore the energy output. The energy feedback system improves the output of the laser to a certain extent and automatically replenishes the energy when the alignment of the lens drops.

3. fiber laser welding machine working principle

Fiber laser welding machine not only has automatic welding series but also handheld fiber laser welding machine, using the laser technology, the welding process heat-affected zone is small, after welding without or only need simple processing, can be configured with robot, rotary table, can achieve any angle of the welding. With its advantages of high speed, strong and beautiful weld seams, it is an efficient solution for companies to save labour costs and improve efficiency.

Fiber laser welding machine energy feedback is to take a part of the laser, compare the output energy before and after the difference, closed-loop control of the laser, so that the laser output stability. Energy feedback system is a dynamic closed-loop control, can make the laser output is not affected by the aging of the xenon lamp, when the xenon lamp energy shortage system will automatically increase the power output power to maintain the stability of the laser; xenon lamp if the decay can not be used, the system will automatically prompt customers to replace the xenon lamp.

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