Skleněné dveře

Jak vybrat skleněné dveře

Jak vybrat skleněné dveře

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Definice A Gděvče Door

A glass door is a relatively special kind of door, first of all, it is not thick enough to say that it is a solid door, and it does not belong to the shaped door it is a special form of door. The characteristics of a skleněné dveře are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. For example, when using toughened clear glass, the door has a transparent function, and when using frosted glass, it has a semi-translucent function.

Classification z Gděvče Doors

1. Decorative Glass Doors

Including frosted glass, embossed glass, engraved glass, glazed glass, spray glass, ice glass, emulsified glass, and other types, mainly made of different patterns. Different colors, glossy sensory effect, rich in excellent decorative effect, while having corrosion resistance, easy to clean, anti-scouring, and other characteristics.

Carved glass

2. Security Glass Doors

Including toughened glass, bulletproof glass, laminated glass, and laminated glass. Good lighting, easy to clean, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, does not fly apart after breaking, not easy to hurt people. And there are certain anti-robbery, anti-theft, fire prevention roles.

Laminated glass

3. Energy-Saving Glass Doors

Special techniques and coloring are used for glass to make it effectively absorb solar radiation heat and achieve energy-saving effects. Secondly, it absorbs ultraviolet light and visible light to prevent the influence of ultraviolet light on the interior and to make the light softer.

4. Coated Glass Doors

Coated glass has a one-way penetrating function for sightlines (sightlines can only be viewed from the coated side to the uncoated side). At the same time, it can expand the indoor space and vision, heat insulation, and sound insulation effect. It can be used in building foyer walls, columns, corridors, etc. It is also widely used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals, and office building facades.

One-way see-through glass

5. Induction Glass Doors

Glass induction door from the literal understanding of the glass door plus induction door function integration can be said to be a kind of glass door, but also can be said to be a kind induction door. Glass induction door classification: glass induction door according to the opening mode is divided into pan glass induction door, 90 degrees flush glass induction door, curved glass induction door, etc. According to the door body style is divided into aluminum framed glass induction doors, stainless steel framed glass induction doors, frameless full glass induction doors, etc. According to the way of induction opening: microwave induction glass door, hand induction glass door, infrared induction glass door, foot induction glass door, etc. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., the application is very wide. The use of automatic doors can save air conditioning energy, reduce noise, be windproof, dustproof, and at the same time can make our entrances and exits look dignified and high-grade.

Jak vybrat skleněné dveře

Maintenance of Gděvče Doors

  1. Usually do not force collision glass surface, to prevent the glass surface scratching, it is recommended that the film protection.
Jak vybrat skleněné dveře

2. Daily cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper can be, such as stains can be used towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar wipe out, in addition, you can also use the market _ on the sale of glass cleaning agent, avoid using acid and alkaline solution cleaning. In winter, the glass surface is easy to frost, you can use a cloth dipped in thick saltwater or white wine to wipe, the effect is very good.

3. Once the patterned wool glass is dirty, use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe in a circle along the pattern to remove. In addition, you can also drop some paraffin on the glass or use chalk dust and stone to have powder dipped in water coated on the glass to dry, and then wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is both clean and bright.

Jak Choose A Gděvče Door

1. Check The Glass Door Material

I guess we all want to know how to buy glass doors, we are in the selection of glass doors, the first thing to check is glass, glass material is good or bad directly affects the quality of glass doors. A quality glass door, its glass surface will not have the phenomenon of bubbles. The poor quality of the glass door will have very obvious bubbles. In addition, when you buy, you can gently knock on the glass door, listen to the sound of glass, tempered glass sound crisp, ordinary glass sound muffled and low. And authentic tempered glass will have patterns when you look closely.

2. Check The Door Frame Material

We should also check the material of the door frame when selecting the glass door, it is used to fix the glass door, a good quality door frame can ensure that the glass door in the glass will not fall, will not bring any harm to people, the glass door frame on the market today is mainly carbon steel material, aluminum-magnesium alloy material, aluminum-titanium alloy material, and these materials, aluminum-titanium alloy material is the most solid, we choose such a door frame.


3. The Aluminum Material

When you choose a glass door, you should also check the quality of its aluminum. A good quality glass door, it uses the quality of aluminum is also relatively good. You can check the hardness and thickness of the aluminum to determine the quality aluminum. I suggest you choose thicker aluminum, more difficult to deform.

4. The Quality of The Pulley

In addition to the above aspects, we should check the quality of the pulley when buying glass doors. If the pulley is not good, it will affect the normal opening and closing of the door.

Jak vybrat skleněné dveře

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