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How to Choose A Cabinet Door

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The Main Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When consumers choose kitchen cabinet doors, they should consider the style and shape, color matching, ease of care, sturdiness of the substrate, resistance to deformation, moisture, water resistance, surface abrasion resistance, durability, and whether environmental protection and other key performance indicators to determine the quality and service life of the kitchen cabinet. With the continuous emergence of new materials and processes, the variety of door panels is becoming more and more abundant. The current market. On the common kitchen cabinet varieties are mainly the following:

1. Fire-resistant board door: this door is usually selected for environmental protection E1 level core board for the substrate, outside paste quality, environmental protection fireboard. Surface wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, resistance to infiltration, easy to clean and flat and not easy to deformation, color beautiful and other characteristics, so that the fire-resistant door plate is very suitable for the use of modern kitchen cabinet requirements. This plate – generally every year there are many new colors, some are designed specifically for kitchen cabinets, catering to the combination of beautiful and practical requirements of kitchen cabinets, becoming the common material for door panels.

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2. Baking paint door panels: usually refers to the quality E1 level MDF and other substrates on multiple spraying environmental protection paint, and then through the baking drying or surface polishing and other processes to deal with the door panels. The colors are colorful and diverse, and usually do not require sealing, so they are not easily stained and easy to clean. The high gloss color and metallic texture of metallic lacquers give them a magnificent and prestigious appearance. However, the requirements for technical skills, processing environment, and operating techniques are high, and if the process is not up to scratch, defects such as uneven paintwork, localized peeling, or staining can easily be formed. Painted panels require attention to the use of maintenance, should avoid using hard objects scratching or impact.

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3. PVC molding and blister board: 18mm high-quality environmental protection medium fiberboard substrate surface by special equipment vacuum pressure, adsorption of PVC three-dimensional film composition (thickness 0.35-0.7mm). The surface of this type of door panel can be decorated or shaped in various ways, with rich and varied colors and without sealing, avoiding the problems of open glue or moisture absorption that may occur at the edge of the veneered door panel, which is also known internationally as “defect-free panels”. The quality of this kind of door panel mainly depends on the quality of the PVC three-dimensional molding and processing equipment, technology.

4. Crystal board: E1 level core board substrate surface paste a variety of acrylic boards, the thickness of about 1.8-2mm (acrylic is a polymer composite material, scientific name for polymethyl methacrylate). The doors are usually sealed around with the same color crystal panels or aluminum profiles. Crystal door plate colorful, crystal clear texture, simulation of color, easy to clean; use should avoid hard objects scratching or impact.

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5. Stainless steel door plate: stainless steel door plate substrate – generally using South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and other places imported high-quality SUS304 plate (cold-rolled plate, commonly used thickness of 0.6mm), the surface of the frosted effect of stainless steel plate has good physical and chemical properties: acid and alkali resistance, long service life, but the color is relatively monotonous, the visual effect is more “hard “, to people – a kind of cold sense: feel, so simply with stainless steel materials made of kitchen cabinets, customers choose not much. But some users like to use stainless steel to do the cabinet with other door panels, taking into account the durability and aesthetics.

6. Solid wood doors: the unique texture and feel of natural wood, with a return to nature, back to the basics of the elegant mood. Most of the domestic high-grade solid wood kitchen cabinet door panels use imported high-grade solid wood production, processing exquisite edge, corner, decorative line and other craft processing and painting processes, a variety of elegant and gorgeous plate shapes so that it brings a strong aristocratic atmosphere, the more successful people welcome. However, the price is usually more expensive.

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7. Moisture-proof board door: E1 level environmental protection moisture-proof particle board as the substrate of the double-sided melamine impregnated decorative panel as door material. There are many imported and domestic brands of this material, and the quality of different brands differs greatly. Generally speaking, most imported brands and some domestic quality brands are similar in material and characteristics to the Aijia board; however, there are some domestic double-trimmed panels, due to the use of cheap raw materials or processes are not up to scratch, the physical properties of the material, environmental performance or the surface of the exquisite degree can not meet the requirements of the kitchen cabinet panel, consumers need to pay special attention.

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Overall Cabinet Door Maintenance

Cabinet doors are usually fire-resistant panels, lacquered doors, mirrored resin doors, solid wood doors, and several others. Door maintenance is not difficult, the general maintenance is wiped with cleaning agents and avoids the water flowing down the countertop to soak the door board, long after the deformation. All the doors should not be immersed in water for a long time, usually see water stains, to wipe away in time to keep dry, to extend the service life.

1. Blister door plate: can use any neutral liquid detergent; but absolutely can not use corrosive detergents (acetone, trichloroethylene), and can not use alkaline detergents (soda surface, ammonia) and detergents containing abrasive ingredients. The surface material is a layer of PVC plastic paper. Just wipe it off with a rag and detergent.

2. PVC: use liquid soapy water with 10% or a diluted concentration of less than 5 %, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Never use products containing thinners, solvents, abrasives, powders, PET type door panels after the protective film is removed, it is best to put in a ventilated position – do not move within a week to improve scratch resistance.


3. Painted door panels and mirror resin door panels: use a fine quality cleaning cloth dipped in neutral cleaning solution (such as furniture cleaning agent, etc.) to wipe; avoid contact with sharp objects to produce scratches. If there are minor scratches, they can also be treated with a furniture cleaner. Lacquered door panels: the new color and luster of the bright and compelling, but due to the poor environment of the kitchen, after a – time scrubbing to make, the lacquer surface is more likely to wear, poor quality may be yellowing.

4. Use a damp cloth and neutral liquid detergent for daily cleaning, or use water and alcohol to remove stubborn stains. Note: Slight fading may occur in areas exposed to direct sunlight, which is normal and only occurs in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Aluminium door frames: use detergents containing alcohol, water, and other neutral detergents; do not use acidic detergents (hydrochloric acid, citric acid, potassium hypochlorite, etc.) as they will leave stains on the surface; do not use detergents containing abrasive ingredients. Do not wipe with a rag that is too dry and rough, as this will leave scratches on the surface.

6. Melamine door panels: you can use any neutral liquid detergent; but never use corrosive cleaners (acetone, trichloroethylene), nor alkaline detergents (soda surface, ammonia), wear resistance is high, belong to the relatively easy to maintain materials.

7. Stainless steel door panels: polished parts (e.g.: water basin): clean with a damp cloth. Use a soft cloth or buckskin. If deep cleaning is required, use a cleaner specifically designed for stainless steel cleaning. Never rub with steel wool, muriatic acid, or chlorine-based products.

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Cabinet Door Panel Installation 6 Major Details

1. Kitchen cabinet door installation in the entire cabinet installation is completed after the cabinet door installation is the last – step of the cabinet process, is also an indispensable step, cabinet door in the installation: process need to pay attention to each cabinet fit between there is not perfect, is there a problem, so that is not conducive to the installation of a cabinet door, if the cabinet overall installation is not solid, then the installation is also a white tower.

2. Kitchen cabinet door installation a – paste accurate cabinet benchmark line for installation in the cabinet installation design, designers will be in the installation position painted on the benchmark line, so that the construction staff to school team, to ensure that each independent cabinet between keeping neat, of course, cabinet door] also need to benchmark line shall prevail for installation.

3. Kitchen cabinet door installation a not to miss anyone screw in the cabinet door installation, need many screws, then, of course, the construction staff to ensure that each screw can not be missed, otherwise it can not guarantee the use of cabinet door effect, will be in advance from, affect the overall aesthetics of the cabinet.

4. Kitchen cabinet door installation hinge is the equivalent of the cabinet door lock, but the hinge and general door lock are in the structure. On is very different, it is mainly through the light pressure to reach the effect of opening the door, and hinges belong to the hidden project, was installed in the back of the cabinet door, through the spring sliding device to control, the use of very convenient.

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5. Cabinet door installation a checked door installation is flat in the cabinet door installation is completed, the first thing you need to note is whether the door is flat, followed by checking each door and not be damaged, such as in the decoration process, accidentally left scratches.

6. Cabinet door panel installation – sandwich layer within the dust whether after cleaning cabinet installation, is used to store pots and pans, oil, salt and vinegar, and other kitchen supplies, so the cabinet hygiene must be clean, many families just pay attention to the surface of the cabinet cleaning: work, and did not pay attention to the cabinet door plywood layer will be left in the installation process wood chips, dust, and other impurities.

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