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How to Install a Steel Door

How to Install a Steel Door

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Before the official entry, prepare the qualification materials and the list of installers and relevant occupational certificates to the main contractor for examination.

1. Preparation of temporary facilities 

  • A temporary warehouse of not less than 1.5m2 is provided for the temporary storage of construction machinery, accessories, and other important items.
  • Temporary warehouses and offices must be equipped with a temporary single-phase power supply for lighting, electric fans, etc., with a capacity of not less than 1.5kw.
  • Each construction site within 50m should be provided with a 3-AC380v/20A power supply temporary connection and AC220/10A single-phase power connection and equipped with reliable earth leakage protection switch to ensure the safety of construction electricity.

2. Staffing and related safety preparations

  • The site is equipped with full-time quality and safety supervisors.
  • Before entering the site, the installation personnel shall hold “five certificates and one – single”, ID card, residence permit, health certificate, operation certificate, and entry and exit permit, and make good safety 3 education and assessment, and make good records.
  • General contractor full-time safety personnel combined with the actual site safety education, and make a record.
  • Site construction by the total site I responsible for coordination and management, with full-time safety officer wearing the safety officer logo.
  • Welders, electricians with a valid operating permit to work, wear protective equipment, strict compliance with the fire regulations for fire moving certificate, equipped with certain fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Equipped with protective tools and corresponding facilities for safe production; 2.7 Make sure the grounding protection of construction power tools and the power distribution box should be equipped with electric leakage protection to ensure that no electric shock accident occurs.

3. Preparation of auxiliary materials

Expansion bolts, wooden wedges, connecting plates. (gasket), rock wool or mineral wool, and special hardware for security doors and related devices, etc.

4. Preparation of machinery

Electric hammer table, level, magnetic wire pendant, single-phase mobile power supply box, gun-type electric drill, tape measure, level, special socket spanner, mobile lighting, common hand tools, site safety protection tools.

5. Civilized construction guarantee measures

  • According to the needs of the project, provide and maintain the lighting and fencing facilities for night construction, and be responsible for safety and security.
  • Comply with the relevant government departments’ regulations on construction site traffic, construction noise, environmental protection, and production safety carry out relevant procedures according to the regulations and bear the costs incurred.
  • Implement the production principle of whoever is responsible for the construction.
  • Obey the provisions of the construction site safety management of the contractor and accept the inspection and supervision and reasonable punishment of the main contractor.
  • Must conscientiously implement the relevant civilized construction regulations at higher levels and improve the civilized construction of the construction site.
  • Must be equipped with a full-time safety officer with a double permit to the construction site so that construction personnel with a permit to work.
  • Before entering the site must handle various procedures (including the general contractor to the contractor’s handover procedures).
  • The relevant national regulations and ordinances and the main contractor’s site management regulations must be complied with, and the relevant penalties must be enforced.

Installation process and quality control

Before installation, choose a sample door as a sample installation, after the completion of the process, report to Party A, general contractor, supervisor acceptance and evaluation, and then continue to install other products as required.

1. Installation process

1. Steel security door installation process

Delineation and positioning, frame correction, connection and fixing, plugging gaps, installation of doors, installation of hardware, cleaning health (after delineation and positioning, to install the product unboxing, and cleaning of the installation location)

  • Scribing positioning: according to the size, elevation and opening direction specified in the design drawings, in the cavity to pop up the door frame installation position line.
How to Install a Steel Door
  • Stand frame correction: door frame in place, should be corrected for its verticality (door frame and ground verticality, should be ≤ 2mm °) and level and diagonal, according to the design requirements to adjust to the installation height – consistent, and the distance between the inner and outer wall, the width of the door frame up and down to, and then use to draw wooden wedge in the door frame four corners of the initial positioning.
How to Install a Steel Door
  • Connection fixed: door frame with M10x 10 expansion bolts temporary fixed, must be reviewed to ensure that the installation size is accurate. Frame mouth. The size of the allowable error should be ≤ 1.5mm, the diagonal allowable error should be ≤ 2.0mm.
  • Door installation, to install the door fan to the door frame, adjust its position and the level.
  • In the front and rear, left and right, up and down six directions after the correct position, and then the expansion bolts with a spanner to tighten.
  • Block the gap: after the door frame is connected to the wall, take out the wood wedge, use rock wool or mineral wool to block the gap between the frame and the wall, according to the different structure of the door frame, the door frame surface will be left out of the slot, with cement mortar. (Cement mortar ratio: M10) smoothed and compacted, or filled with foam and sealed with sealant.
How to Install a Steel Door
  • Door frame grouting: door frame grouting, and so on grouting hard, adjust the adjustment, and then the door fan installed on.
  • After the door is closed, the gap should be even, the surface should be flat. After the installation of the security door, require the door fan and frame lap amount is not less than 10.0mm, frame fan with the inner width of the part of the size deviation is not more than 2.0mm, height deviation is not more than 2.0mm, diagonal length difference is less than 3.0mmm, door fan closed and after with the gap is less than 3.0mmm, door fan and door frame between the two sides of the gap is not more than 4.0mm, the upper side gap is not more than 3.0 mm, double doors in the gap is not more than 4.0mm.
  • Installation of hardware: installation of door locks, handles, and other devices, etc., can be installed by the requirements of the hardware “instruction manual”, should achieve their respective functions.
How to Install a Steel Door
  • Clean up health: after the end of the installation, should be followed by the door frame, door fan, and dirt around the hole clean. Door site after installation and before completion of their check whether there are scratches, such as found in time to repair, list to the general contractor. Repair the place, with a protective film to do a good job of protection measures to avoid pollution hardware.

2. Connection method

The wall is reinforced at an interval of 500mm, and the connection is pre-set. 15mm is reserved for each side of the door frame and the wall, the horizontal surface is 10mm beyond the wall (or according to the design requirements), and the door frame is connected to the wall with expansion bolts, and the perimeter of the door frame is filled with foam.

3. Precautions in installation

  • The surface of the pre-built parts in the hole should not be lower than the wall surface in the hole, to facilitate the connection. In case of individual lower than the wall surface, can pad iron connection.
  • Steel door without door threshold, if the height of the inner entrance of the door frame is 30mm greater than the height of the door, the lower end of the door frame should be buried below the ground +0.00 elevation, not less than 20mm.
  • Blocking foam before solidification, do not allow any work on the door frame, to avoid mortar loosening cracks, reducing the quality of sealing.
  • Door frame plugging of heart-breaking materials, etc. must be tight.
  • Steel door installation must ensure the quality of the connection, to make the steel door and the wall firmly knitted into one – body.
How to Install a Steel Door
  • After installation, use a screwdriver to check the screws of each part of the hardware and twist them tightly.
  • Installed steel door, door frame fan surface should be flat, no obvious concave and convex phenomenon.
  • Door body surface without brush pattern, drop or spray flowers, spots, and another paint disease.

2. Quality control in the construction process

Construction personnel (installers) should strictly monitor the self-inspection and mutual inspection between each process, construction personnel (installers) in the completion of the work of the current process shall be self-inspected after passing the next process, the next process before implementation, must. After the construction personnel (installer) inspection (mutual inspection) qualified, before continuing construction, otherwise should immediately rework, or notify the relevant inspectors to deal with.

During the construction process, the relevant inspectors shall arrange I-range inspection according to the progress and importance of the project, prepare an inspection plan if necessary, carry out a random inspection on the construction quality of the project, and make records, collect unqualified information, find unqualified, in the form of “work contact sheet” or processing sheet, feedback the unqualified information to the project department and all relevant departments, by the responsible department door timely coordination and correction, if necessary, implement “corrective and preventive measures control procedures”.

How to Install a Steel Door

The site finished product protection measures

1. After the products are transported to the site, they will be neatly stacked in the corresponding position according to the requirements, and a person will be assigned to take care of them.

2. After the installation of the door frame, the surface of the protective film is attached to avoid scratches on the surface of the product, and make the corresponding signs.

3. For special parts of the product (such as aisles, stairways, etc.), 1 m below the part will take the protective measures with plywood cover, made of wood plywood 3 sides of the protective cover, and fixed in the door frame with a fixture to ensure that the product to avoid damage to the site.

4. After the installation of the door, the surface of the door will be protected with a protective film.

5. After the installation of hardware, a person will be assigned to inspect the construction of products found to be damaged, immediately stop, and according to the specific situation to deal with.

On-site remedial measures

1. If the product is found to have quality problems or other factors affecting the quality of the project at the site, it should be coordinated and dealt with promptly and remedial measures should be taken.

2. The connected places are found to be loose and not firmly fixed and twisted in time.

3. Such as door frame production deviation, according to the installation specifications for the installation of “steel security installation technical regulations”, and correction.

4. Such as the door fan production deviation, by the installation specifications for installation, and correction.

5. Door frame and door fan galvanized steel welding part and damage part with zinc-rich paint repair.

6. Repair part in the repaired painting, first coated with anti-corrosion paint.

7. If there is a deviation in the hardware liner, correct it according to the hardware installation specification until it meets the requirements.

8. The product in the installation process, concealed process, and intermediate inspection, such as the appearance of non-compliance with quality requirements, to rectify.

9. Each door in the process of commissioning, such as found that there is not meet the performance requirements of the place to rectify.

Acceptance and delivery program

1. After the installation of the door frame, for the relevant inspection procedures, test the door frame and the wall connection and other related work.

2. After the concealed works are accepted, the installation of the door fan will be carried out, and after the door fan is installed, the intermediate inspection will be carried out.

3. After installation, each product must be tested and inspected by the quality inspector, and only after passing the inspection procedures. 

4. After installation, timely inspection procedures will be carried out and each batch of products will be handed over according to the “product transfer. The content of the “Completion Order” will be signed by Party A and approved as the basis for delivery.

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