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How to Make The Hospital Beds

How to Make The Hospital Beds (1)

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Classification of The Hospital Beds

In the manual type hospital bed, the most function has been developed to five shakings, while the more common is four shakings, the rest have three shakings, two shakings, and single shaking.

hospital bed 6

Electric type of hospital beds, the development has now appeared multi-functional electric hospital beds, the market is more common is five-functional, four-functional, three-functional, and two-functional electric hospital beds.

hospital bed 1

Size of The Hospital Beds

There are many specifications for the size of hospital beds, size classification is mainly to follow the following aspects.

The first, is the grade. Can be divided into high, medium, and low three grades, and luxury hospital beds, that are mainly manufactured according to customer demand custom-made.

Second, category. It can be divided into two categories, electric and manual. The sizes of manual and electric are also different.

1. Ordinary and single-swing: L2100*W980*H500mm.

hospital bed 4

2. Mid-grade and double swing: L2160*W970*H5480mm.

3. Mid-grade/triple-swing: L2160*W970*H(470-770)mm.

4. High-grade three-function electric: L2160*W970*H(470-770)mm.

5. High-grade/two-function electric: L2160*W970*H480mm.

Structure of The Hospital Beds

The whole bed structure of the hospital bed can be divided into the following major categories, bed frame, bed surface, bed head, tailboard, castors, and electric motor.

hospital bed 2

1. Bed frame: the use of high-quality steel fully mechanized assembly line welding, welding surface smooth and flat, using automotive spraying process for its surface electrostatic spraying, to ensure that the spraying surface is smooth, strong adhesion is not easy to fall off, beautiful and generous.

2. Bed plate: The bed plate is made of a high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed using automotive spraying technology to ensure strong adhesion.

3. Bed head and tail panels: 100% ABS plastic engineering plastic is used for one-time molding, and built-in special materials to ensure that the product is strong and durable. Manual locking can be easily disassembled, and the four corners of the anti-collision device provide maximum safety.

4. Caster wheels: universal castors, equipped with a foot and four brakes device to move flexibly and at the same time can better stabilize the position and facilitate the movement of the whole bed.

5. The choice of electric motor: smooth and noiseless operation, while extending the service life of the hospital bed.

Production Process of The Hospital Beds

1. Shearing machine to cut the bed plate and bed frame to the right size.

Shearing Macine 1

2. Laser cutting machine, suitable for hollowing out the middle of the bed board. A laser cutting machine can also be used to cut the bed board and bed frame to the right size.

laser cutting machine (1)

3. Bending machine for bending bed boards and bed frames into grooved and square tubes etc.

Press brake

4. Tube cutting machine for cutting round tubes. Guardrails, bed frames, etc.

Tube cutting machine

5. Tube bending machine, used to bend round tubes, guardrails, bed frames, etc., the bending machine can also increase the function of cutting tubes, and higher production efficiency.

Tube bending (1)

6. Punching machine, used for the installation of various screwed holes in hospital beds. It can also be used to print on the metal plate company LOGO.

Punching (1)

7. Robot welding equipment, used for beds, guardrails, etc., orbital welding line with high precision.

Robot welding

The low budget can choose a handheld laser welding machine.

welding (1)

8. Spraying production line, spraying paint to prevent rust. Used in factories with high output.

Robot powder machine

For small output and low budget, you can choose a hand-held spray gun.

hand powder

9. Assembly.

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