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How to Choose A Powder Coating Line

How to Choose A Powder Coating Line

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What Is A Powder Coating Line


The powder coating line is an important part of the surface manufacturing process. The quality of the coating is one of the most important aspects of the overall quality of the product, as it prevents rust and corrosion, is aesthetically pleasing, and changes the disadvantages of using the material itself. The quality of a product’s appearance not only reflects its protective and decorative properties but is also an important factor in its value. The painting equipment is a vital part of the entire painting process. The main equipment for painting is divided into surface pre-treatment equipment before painting, painting equipment, film drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature, humidity air supply equipment, and other ancillary equipment.

Powder Coating Lines Classification

1. Robot-Assisted Powder Coating Line

Robot-Assisted Coating 1

Powder coating robots can be matched with various production lines batch work, universal strong, suitable for a variety of shaped workpieces, high usage rate, dynamic synchronous tracking conveyor belt, and a robot with production line spraying. The robot spraying line can be matched with a hanging production line, floor rail production line, spindle assembly line, automatic coating production line, and coating and drying integration, including preheating, dust removal, coating, and leveling table drying, UV curing, and drying processes. Three waste treatments up to national standards, efficient environmental protection, and saving 30% of paint.

2. Multi-Axis Paint Powder Coating Reciprocating machine Can Be matched With Plane Conveying Production Line

Multi-Axis Paint Coating 1

The plane reciprocating automatic spraying line is mainly composed of a multi-axis reciprocating machine, and conveying line (roller, belt, mesh belt, chain, etc.), mainly for regular appearance, a large batch of workpieces such as plate, magnetic ring, key type, card slot type small pieces, flat products, line speed adjustable.

Details of The Reciprocating Automatic Powder Coating Line.

Multi-Axis Paint Coating 2

Powder coating method: according to the product coating range and the number of spray guns, choose the reciprocating machine (single-axis, two-axis, three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, six-axis, and other multi-axis)

Conveying method: Net type, belt type, and chain type can be chosen as the work material transfer, which can be manufactured according to the width and length required by the customer.

Conveying method

Coating environment: coating cabinet adopts water curtain-type or dry type, class 10,000, class 100,000 dust-free spraying room, which is sent to the spraying room through the high-efficiency air supply outlet, constant temperature, humidity, etc.

Baking methods: tunnel ovens, precision ovens, far-infrared heating IR tubes, UV curing.

Exhaust gas treatment: coating and activated carbon filtration followed by emission, etc.

Output: depends on the workpiece’s assembly method and the baking time of the coating combined with the line speed and other factors.

Applicable workpieces: plastic, hardware, wood, glass, ceramics, magnets, and other products surface coating treatment.

3. Fixed Spray Gun Spindle Powder Coating Line

Spray Gun

Fixed spray gun spindle coating line is the earliest form of the coating line, simple structure, multiple spray guns combined with spindle mobile phone line, continuous production, and high output. The workpiece is self-rotating, and multiple guns can be manually adjusted up and down, left and right at different angles, the whole machine automation degree is high, is to all processes a line string, reduce the rate of human interference, and high efficiency.

Advantages of The Fixed Spray Gun Spindle Powder Coating Line

  • Continuous production, high output. Workpiece self-rotation and multiple spray guns can be manually adjusted up and down, left and right at different angles.
  • With the high degree of automation of the whole machine, all processes are strung together in one line, reducing the rate of human interference, and high efficiency.
  • Reduce the intermediate manual transfer of parts, handling, saving time and energy consumption, and high overall qualification rate.
  • The whole line is more comprehensive in consideration. Such as spraying room, pump room, and air supply should be taken into account inside. Spraying can be tracked.
  • Electrical software using cycle control, according to the position of automatic adjustment, through the PID of the synchronization of the operation of relatively high precision.
  • High precision gun control, the use of encoder pulse detection distance, open and close the gun accurately, saving paint.
  • Reserved for the maintenance port, maintenance is more convenient.

Jak Choose A Powder Coating Line

Coating design

1. Choose The One That Suits You

Selecting coating equipment is the same as buying things in your own life, in addition to looking at the brand, but also care about the quality of the product itself, whether the sprayer is easy to operate, such as operational efficiency.

2. Choose The Size of The Powder Coating Equipment

Sprayers come in many different nozzle sizes and the type of material being sprayed will determine the size of nozzle you need. Check the minimum nozzle size required for the material being sprayed and compare this with the maximum nozzle size of the sprayer you are buying.

3. What Ttak Surface to Spray

Different surfaces require different materials and finish qualities. You must consider both the material and the finish required to select the correct sprayer and printhead.

4. What Is Your Budget

Buying a coating line is an investment. You don’t want to buy too expensive or overspend, nor do you want to buy too cheap or face trouble. The price of a sprayer can vary enormously depending on the requirements of the sprayer. In addition to price, there are several other important factors to take into account when buying a sprayer: maximum nozzle size, power supply, material compatibility, and the number of coats per week.

5. Choose The Right Spray Gun

Check the minimum nozzle size required for the material being sprayed and compare this with the maximum nozzle size of the sprayer you are buying.

6. Choose The Right Spray Gun

Spray gun equipment is divided into air spray guns, electrostatic spray guns, etc. What kind of painting equipment is suitable is based on the type of paint, spraying objects to decide, so to choose the better that should be carefully selected.

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