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All You Need to Know About A Blister Door

All You Need to Know About A Blister Door

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Definition of A Blister Porta

Suction molding is a term that unites material and process. “Suction” refers to the process of vacuum extraction; “molding” refers to the PVC film on the surface; “molding” refers to the door panel before the PVC film is pressed after the tool has been milled. “Pressing” refers to the process of pressurizing the PVC film when it is being formed. The abbreviation is blister molded door. Most manufacturers on the market call them blister doors, some call them molded doors. Because this title consumers rarely or never heard of, individual manufacturers take the opportunity to complicate the concept of molded doors, as a way to raise the price to earn high profits.

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o UMAdvantages UMAnd Disadvantages of UMA Blister Dchão

Because the color and texture shown by the blister board are determined by the surface of the PVC membrane skin, so theoretically there should be countless colors (only need to change the color of the membrane skin can, but in practice, the membrane skin manufacturers to produce the membrane skin color is still limited), blister board color and texture is richer to choose from a larger margin, basically can meet the requirements of different customers on the color. Because of the manufacturability of MDF (the density of MDF panels is relatively uniform and the particles are small enough to be processed into any shape), the surface of blister boards can also generate a variety of three-dimensional shapes, which can meet the different needs of different customers for different styles. And scratch-resistant wear-resistant (referred to as normal household use, if you have to use a kitchen knife to scratch that certainly not, to put the board on the concrete floor to rub hard that naturally is also not).

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Blister board is relatively speaking a kind of excellent board, is there is a relatively big problem – board deformation problem. Because the art of making is hot pressing, so inevitably there will be thermal expansion and contraction, the blister board will produce different degrees of concavity in the direction of the PVC film after cooling (so in the choice of the substrate must pay attention, the greater the quality of the substrate, the smaller the deformation, which is a relatively simple physical knowledge I believe we can understand), this process can not solve the problem of limiting the development of the blister board (in doing cabinet doors on this The problem is not particularly obvious in the case of cabinet doors but in the case of wardrobe panels. On the plastic plate deformation serious to the point where it can not be used, such as to use must be used with the help of shaped aluminum profiles, this is not in the scope of this discussion), of course, there are now some manufacturers speculation, the use of low thickness of PVC film skin to solve the problem of deformation (the quality of the substrate is too poor, the substrate can not be solved only from this aspect of the solution), the film skin thickness is low, of course, deformation will be slightly lighter on this issue, in the following will have Related notes.

The Production Process of A Blister Dchão

  • Blanking, with the same cabinet body plate, by the equipment for cutting the processing process, with the cabinet body plate is different, the door plate material, the color variety is very much, not suitable for the production of standard parts, so generally are produced according to the order.
  • Slotting, the purpose of this slotting is for the installation of aluminum buckle pull, slotting will not be the width of this door plate open, will leave a little seal, or pull will be installed on the side of the pullout; slotting thickness in accordance with the model of aluminum buckle pull to the actual operation, generally will be slightly less than the thickness of the aluminum buckle pull inserted, so that the aluminum buckle pull can be fixed.
  • Edge sealing, different materials will decide whether to seal the edge, generally to seal the edge of the material melamine, fireboard, crystal board, etc., a sealed edge is generally the same color as the door plate edge, more than 2mm thick edge sealing; also in order to improve the quality, the edge used for aluminum edge sealing.
  • Punching, here the punching and cabinet board is different, here the hole for the door hinge hole, now the factory in order to reduce the error rate, often this step to the dealer to deal with themselves.
  • Grooving, if the door panel is patterned, this process will be used.
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  • Suction molding, the steps of suction molding are very simple, firstly the door panel is polished, then sprayed with glue, then the door panel is put into the suction molding machine, the operation of suction molding can be carried out, the quality of the process and the machine equipment are closely related.
Suction molding machine
  • Baking paint, this step is quite complex, there are many steps in the process, and mainly by manual production, so you want to spray the finished product of high quality is to have considerable experience and technology.
  • Installed handle, here the handle for the aluminum buckle handle, general Ming handle are left to deal with the dealer.

The Quality of A Blister Door to Identify

First, the quality of the substrate, the quality of the substrate directly determines whether the door has a second nail eating capacity, nail holding capacity and the degree of deformation of the finished blister board and the finished blister board environmental performance (environmental performance is an old tune, here not to replay). A good substrate in the density and ordinary substrate difference, of course, this difference in the naked eye is difficult to distinguish, the best way to distinguish is the quality (physical call, is often said that the weight ha:) now commonly used in the market substrate 730KG/750KG/780KG and so on, this data refers to the quality of each square meter consumers can choose the same size of the plate small, weigh it can be The high density of the relatively speaking nail grip ability will be better plate deformation is also smaller.

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The second is the quality of the film skin, the quality of the film skin directly determines the grade of the finished blister board and the use of performance good blister film to reach a certain thickness, film skin backing uniformity, color to stabilize. PVC film if the thickness of the lower in the pressed corners will produce the phenomenon of white and surface orange peel (orange peel phenomenon and the cause of the substrate particles too large and uneven grinding), this is well understood, not to say too much, there are manufacturers In order to deal with these two phenomena choose to lower the pressure of the blister machine, which to a certain extent reduces the problem of white and plate deformation, but can not guarantee the PVC film skin and the substrate of the adhesive pressure of the film skin unevenly generated by the most important problem is that the PVC film skin and the substrate can not be normal adhesive pressure, PVC film itself can not be through the blister machine with glue and substrate adhesive pressure, must be rolled in the production of glue on the back, we We call it backing, backing uniformity or not, the quality of high and low are directly affected by the PVC film skin and the substrate between the sticky pressure colour problem is the finished blister board is the most attention to a problem, yellowing is inevitable a problem, but the PVC surface texture and colour stability is to ensure, otherwise in the normal use of the wipe process is likely to appear colour loss problem.

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Third, the surface treatment, surface treatment is related to the overall image of the finished blister board if the orange peel phenomenon (orange peel phenomenon refers to a certain angle in the finished blister board when the surface of the blister board appears similar to orange peel. On the pit point phenomenon) is serious, the whole door plate looks darker (orange peel refraction of light), high light blister door plate in this point is very obvious.

Fourth is the problem of workmanship, this is the most likely to cause problems in the use of the process. Mainly in the corners of the adsorption. If there is the phenomenon of open glue, then this door panel in the process of use may occur in the water absorption deformation and PVC film skin itself cracking problem. Don’t be afraid to buy a little trouble, in the choice can use your fingernails with a little force to pick the PVC film and the part of the board sticky pressure, good workmanship (including the backing and adhesive glue is good) blister board will not appear a little force to key down the phenomenon.

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