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Что такое линия по производству дверей безопасности

Двери безопасности

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Home security doors are already in the homes of ordinary people nowadays. However, the production process for home security doors, and the purchase of home security doors, do you really know? Today, follow me to learn more.

Production Line of Home Security Door

  • Home Security Doors Material Selection

There are five main types of home security doors in terms of material: steel, steel, and wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, all of which have their own characteristics in terms of quality and performance, and naturally, prices vary.

Home Security Doors Material Selection
  • Home Security Doors Plate Shearing

Automated shearing machines cut semi-product steel plates, to the size required by the customer, into sizes suitable for production, facilitating the accuracy of the next process operations; inspectors, check and spot check the accuracy of the dimensions.

Home Security Doors Plate Shearing
  • Home Security Doors Тиснение

The facade is embossed with different flower patterns according to the customer’s requirements.

Home Security Doors Embossing
Home Security Doors Embossing

The home security door frames then go directly into the embossing machine at the factory, where the lace is pressed out of the door frames.

Home Security Doors Frame Pressing
  • Home Security Doors Штамповка

Using 25T and 35T punching machines, we use the positioning of the mold and the leaning hill to accurately complete punching corners, punching handle holes, punching doorbell holes, punching side lock holes, and punching cat-eye holes respectively to ensure the matching size of the products. The door frame is completed by punching main lock holes, side lock holes, expansion screw holes, lock fork holes, and holes for hooks in the assembly line. Inspectors, check and spot check the accuracy of the dimensions.

Home Security Doors Punching
  • Home Security Doors Гибка

Using advanced bending machines coupled with precision bending tools, the door faces and frames are bent several times over; inspectors, check and spot check the accuracy of the dimensions.

Home Security Doors Bending
Home Security Doors Bending
  • Home Security Doors Electric Welding

Using the skill of the workers, the small pieces that need to be put in early inside the facade are welded together, such as the hinge fixing plates, the upper and lower sealing plates, the main lockbox, and the welded keel if it is filled with fireproof wool. The door frame, on the other hand, is welded together with the reinforcement bars for the expansion screws, the cement cover plate, and the 4 sides of the door frame. Inspectors check and spot-check the accuracy of the dimensions.

Home Security Doors Electric Welding
  • Oil Removal, Rust Removal, Phosphatizing

Nowadays, companies are basically using a line for oil removal, rust removal, and phosphatization without sewage spraying. Inspectors, check and sample workpieces for conformity.

Home Security Doors Oil Removal,Rust Removal,Phosphatizing
  • Pickling

The home security doors and frames are soaked for a total of about 30 minutes into the next process to ensure that the surface of the steel plate acidic embroidery material is cleaned, and a layer of phosphate, to facilitate the subsequent spraying process, the adhesion of the plastic powder.

Home Security Doors Pickling
  • Gluing And Welding

After filling the middle part of the front and rear door panels with honeycomb paper or fireproof cotton for welding, the home security door surface is fixed with hydraulic equipment – a hot gluing machine – to tighten and shape the door surface so that it is flat and does not change shape.

Home Security Doors Gluing And Welding
  • Spraying, Transferring, Water-grinding

A special treatment process for the door surface ensures a beautiful color and wood grain. The painting workshop goes through a number of processes such as priming the door surface with paint, washing, drying, heat transfer of the wood grain, and oil drying treatment. Inspectors check every step of the process.

Home Security Doors Spraying,Transferring,Water-grinding
  • Oven Cover Gloss

To solve the fading problem of steel doors exposed to UV glare, the surface must be increased to prevent fading. Inspectors check that there are no paint leaks or paint runs.

Oven Cover Gloss
  • сборка

Using the hinges, the home security door frame and door frame are assembled together, while other things such as cat eyes, doorbells, lock bodies, lock cylinders, and leather strips are fitted in. Once the whole assembly is completed, the inspector checks and accepts.

Doors Assembly
  • Packed And Labelled And Shipped

Once the packaging and labels have been applied, it means that the home security door is ready to leave the factory.

Packed And Labelled And Shipped

 Considerations For Choosing A Home Security Door

  • Look at the thickness of the steel plate, the thickness of the steel plate of the door frame is better than 2 mm, the thickness of the steel plate of the home security door body is at least 1 mm or more. The thickness of the door body is 20 mm, the overall weight of the full set of at least 40 kg, and then put on the reinforcing steel and asbestos filler, the thicker the steel plate, the better the quality of the relative door, the actual purchase process can be judged by a simple nudge, thick steel plate push up also hard, knock on the door sound is muffled that the door plate is thicker, the sound is more brittle, empty words then the security door must have fishy.
The Thickness of The Door Steel Plate
  • The hinges are used to connect the door to the door body. Control the angle of the revolving door open, usually about 100 degrees, the total range between 25 and 180 degrees, the ordinary security door fan weighs a hundred or so pounds, so the requirements of the hinge load-bearing requirements are quite high, the load-bearing capacity is not good is easy to use with a bad, of course, the larger the rotation range is also more convenient to use.
Door Hinges
  • Look at the lock core, the door quality is good, lock buy wrong is also a waste of time, the lock core is best to choose more than C grade, super B grade is good, the key has several rows of groove pits or groove pits with mysterious pattern combination, the old driver unlock also need at least 4 hours, the security factor is much higher, a grading key if the cross flat type, dozens of seconds or even a few seconds to pry open, B grade is flat double row The key is a flat double-row slot, the strong twist tool can be opened in 1 minute, installed as not installed, the family or use the AB grade lock cores hurry to change out, simply can not play a role in anti-theft.
Door Lock Core
  • Look at the filler, different levels of security doors use different materials, the function of the filler is also different, generally, low-level security doors are filled with honeycomb paper, the cost is very low, B level can resist pressure and flame retardant, not cracked and not deaminated, the materials used are rock wool and polyester, A level security doors sound insulation is very good also can fire, the material used is aluminum foil, you can first understand before buying.
The Filler of Home Security Doors

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