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3 Ways to Make Steel Louvers

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Servo CNC Turret Punching Machines For Steel Louvers

Turrent machine

1. Principle

The servo CNC turret punching machine principle is the connecting rod and the slider between the circular motion and linear motion of the transfer point, servo CNC turret punching machine is basically a combination of two institutions designed, servo CNC turret punching machine needs a set of dies to cooperate with the joint production, the material is placed between the die and the heavy head, the punch exerts pressure on the workpiece is thus deformed, the reaction force obtained to process, the resulting force is all absorbed by the workpiece. Parts produced in large quantities using servo CNC turret punch presses have low costs and short production cycles. Its design changes are adaptable, but the design of a new product die takes a long time, so the cost of the die is high. For small-scale production of dies, the wire cutter can meet the requirements of making punching dies.

2. Features

The main drive mechanism of the servo CNC turret punch press adopts a high torque servo motor connected directly to the crank linkage mechanism through a coupling, which automatically selects the punching stroke for materials with different plate thicknesses and adapts to various stamping processes. The servo CNC turret punch press can be extremely convenient for special processes such as shutters, knock-down holes, etc. It has automatic overload protection and maintains a constant punching pressure during the full stroke so that the stamping quality reaches a very high level. The servo-controlled turret punching machine saves about 40% of energy as the main drive servo motor is at a standstill when feeding and loading and unloading the plate material. The servo motor is forced to be water-cooled, stable and reliable, suitable for long-term work, maintenance-free and noiseless, and can work continuously for a long time.

Turrent louvers

3. For Complex Patterns of Steel Louvers

Forming processing methods of forming larger than the size of the die, such as large-size steel louvers, rolling bars, rolling steps, and other processing methods.

Turrenr steel louvers

Electro-Hydraulic Press Brakes For Steel Louvers

Nhấn phanh

1. Principle

Electro-hydraulic press brakes using a hydraulic convex automatic compensation system, to solve the impact of the deformation of the slider in the bending process on the quality of the workpiece. The amount of compensation is automatically adjusted by the CNC system, which is convenient and accurate.

2. Features

The electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine uses a fully functional backstop mechanism with the option of controlling multiple backstop axes. Functional components in the backstop. Such as guide rails, screws, bearings, etc. are used imported original parts to ensure the accuracy of the backstop material. Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine body using the whole welded structure, easy to transport, easy to process, to ensure the accuracy of the whole machine

press brake louvers

3. Working With Sheet Follower or Automatic Feeding Table

Sheet follower
Feeding Table

Khí nén Đột dập Machines For Steel Louvers

Máy đột

1. Principle

The compressed air can be stored in the air storage tank and taken at any time, thus there is no waste of energy with the motor idling. The use of cylinders as working parts and solenoid valves as control elements makes the machine more simple in structure, low failure rate, high safety, simple maintenance, lower maintenance costs, and high production efficiency. The use of a 220V power supply to achieve control of the solenoid valve is a simple and convenient operation.

2. Features

  • The pneumatic punching machine is more hygienic and clean. The use of advanced photoelectric protection technology can achieve a significant increase in safety performance. Computerized counting and programming can perform an unattended processing process, which greatly enhances the efficiency of work and reduces the cost of production.
  • In the field of punching various metal and non-metal pipes and plates, most of them are completed by electric punching machines. Electric punching machines are not only noisy and polluting, their own complex structural components determine their high cost, difficult maintenance, high maintenance costs, bulky bodies and consume much electricity. When working, the operation is complicated, the failure rate is high, and the safety hazard is big.
  • The machine has a simple structure, low production cost, and adopts pneumatic technology—more energy-saving than an electric punching machine. Reduce the electricity consumption loss. Simple operation, higher safety type, using a foot switch to control the solenoid valve, simple structure, low failure rate, improved production efficiency.

Mainly Used For Small Steel Louvers

Punching louvers

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