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Kéo dài tuổi thọ của máy ép thủy lực hay thay thế nó?

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1. By the Numbers of hydraulic máy ép

Kéo dài tuổi thọ của máy ép thủy lực hay thay thế nó?
Extend the life of a hydraulic press machine or replace it? 5

When a hydraulic press cỗ máy has been working for your company for over a decade, should you now upgrade your existing press or replace it? If you do upgrade it, which items should you focus on updating or replacing?

On the one hand, the cost of a full upgrade of a machine should not exceed 65% of the cost of a new machine. Even with a complete upgrade of hydraulics, electrics, and mechanics, the frame components are still old. The new equipment will have a much longer service life.

On the other hand, The next thing to consider is the depreciation of the asset. New machines will depreciate at a better rate than older equipment.

2. Machine health

Knowing when to replace components and auxiliary parts of the hydraulic system can reasonably reduce hydraulic machine maintenance and downtime. Although we all know that strengthening the maintenance of hydraulic presses can extend their service life, the following failures may reflect that some system components or accessories must be replaced

2.1 Hydraulic presses machine can no longer raise pressure

Kéo dài tuổi thọ của máy ép thủy lực hay thay thế nó?
Extend the life of a hydraulic press machine or replace it? 6

Caused by this fault, most of the pump and valve problems, if the pump failure is more serious, must be large-scale repair, If the pump is more serious and must be repaired on a large scale (no repair value), we to replace the pump to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic press.

2.2 Gaps in the structure

The overall frame of the hydraulic press is made up of welded upper, middle (movable) and lower beams.

If there is a small or significant gap above the frame, the temporary solution is to weld the frame, but eventually, the entire frame crossbeam must be replaced.

2.3 Serious hydraulic or electrical component problems

Kéo dài tuổi thọ của máy ép thủy lực hay thay thế nó?
Extend the life of a hydraulic press machine or replace it? 7

Intermittent operation may indicate a short circuit or loose wire, ensure that all wires are tightly fastened and that they are ringed to avoid cross-touching with other electrical components.

ensure that all electrical cables are tightly fastened and that they are sleeved to avoid cross-touching with other electrical components. Damaged hoses and incorrectly crimped fittings can cause pipe failures, for example: hoses should not touch each other and fittings should be crimped with certified facilities to ensure they can take the system pressure used on a single hydraulic press. In addition, listen for unusual noises coming from the hydraulic tank, which may be a sign of pump failure.

If you ignore any of these warnings when using a hydraulic press and continue to operate the press, you may incur some performance losses. Some performance losses may occur. Cycle times and downtime can be increased when dealing with pressure delays. In addition, component precision is likely to be adversely affected and different pressures may result in different formed parts or even can’t be punched parts.

In addition to careful and reasonable maintenance of all components in the hydraulic press, it is important that faulty components are replaced as soon as they arise. In addition to careful and reasonable maintenance of all components in the hydraulic press, it is important that faulty components are replaced immediately, so that not only does the hydraulic press have a longer service life but also enhances life safety.

3. Two methods of judging whether there is a fault in the hydraylic press machine

In the process of hydraulic machine maintenance, some relatively practical diagnostic methods for hydraulic machine fault diagnosis, can speed up the maintenance time, quickly find the part where the fault occurred, saving time and effort.

3.1 Replacement method

The same type, the same structure, the same principle of the hydraulic machine on the same components, replacement (interchangeable) installed in a unified position, can quickly confirm whether the replaced components have a fault reliable. The advantage of this method is that, even if the technical level of repair personnel is low, they can also apply this method to the hydraulic machine failure relatively quickly, to make the correct judgment and treatment. However, the use of this method must be the same type, the same structure, the same hydraulic principle and the same hydraulic components as a condition, so this method has great limitations and a certain blindness.

3.2 Auxiliary method of hydraulic press machine

With the help of simple auxiliary parts, the hydraulic components of the hydraulic pressure whether there is a fault to diagnose.

(1) Blocking the oil port, such as blocking the hydraulic valve components and cylinder oil port, can diagnose whether these hydraulic components leak.

(2) Artificial directional method top rod to make hydraulic valve components to change direction, can diagnose whether the directional valve flooding such as jamming, spool not in place and other faults. This method can be used to diagnose whether the hydraulic components are faulty without dismantling the components, avoiding excessive dismantling workload, reducing the fault diagnosis time and facilitating rapid diagnosis, especially for larger cylinder seals and other faults with very good practicality.

3.3 Empirical method of hydraulic press machine

By mastering the theory of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic machine, understanding the structure and working principle of the hydraulic components, and on the basis of rich practical experience, the inspector can carry out a comprehensive analysis of the faults generated by the hydraulic machine, and the correct diagnosis can be made quickly. In summary, the general fault areas of hydraulic machines and their causes can be broadly divided into the following five areas.

(1) improper adjustment of hydraulic components, such as: hydraulic pumps, oil motors, sequence valves, valves to the valve, relief valves, unloading valves, balancing valve pressure and flow adjustment errors.

(2) Seal components damaged or impurities so that the hydraulic components can not work properly;

(3) Hydraulic components wear or damage, such as valve components seal failure, spring failure, too large or too small clearance, etc.;

(4)Hydraulic machine electrical control mechanism failure, such as: relay failure, poor or damaged button contact, inaccurate installation of solenoid, motor phase line misconnection and other reasons caused by hydraulic components misoperation or program error.

(5) Auxiliary mechanism failure, such as: improper adjustment or damage to the position of the limit switch, damage to the excitation table, damage to the force relay, too large or too small number of oil tank filter, etc.

3.4 Sensory method of hydraulic press machine

Diagnosis of hydraulic press faults, which is often the most widely applied method.

“Ask”:By asking the operator of the hydraulic press to understand the fault phenomenon, which helps repair personnel to carry out fault diagnosis and analysis.

“Look”: by observing the working condition of the hydraulic machine, observing the pressure gauge and pressure relay, position sensor, etc., you can determine whether a hydraulic component is working reliably or there is a fault.

“Listen”: by listening to the hydraulic system and components of the hydraulic machine work when the sound is abnormal, to determine whether the relevant hydraulic components work properly, such as cylinder unloading, the hydraulic system vibration and noise is too large; reversing valve reversing, the impact is too large oil pump operation, the sound is normal;

“Touch”: by touch, the same helps to diagnose whether the components and systems are working properly.

Although there are many methods of diagnosis of hydraulic machine failure, but a certain – a diagnosis method is also relatively inadequate, so in the use of these methods, should be a comprehensive application of hydraulic machine failure break technology, at the same time with the help of scientific instruments, so that you can scientific, accurate, economic and fast to find the hydraulic machine failure parts, as soon as possible to make the hydraulic machine work properly.

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