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Working principle of metal door hot press

Working principle of metal door hot press

Metal door hot press is a kind of equipment that can heat two parts coated with solder flux in advance to make the solder melt and flow. After curing, a permanent electrical mechanical connection device is formed between the parts and the solder.

Working principle of metal door hot press
Working principle of metal door hot press 3

For different products, heating rate can be selected. Titanium alloy indenter ensures average temperature, fast temperature rise and long service life. The ram is specially designed to be horizontally adjustable to ensure that the components are pressed evenly. Temperature numerical control, clear and precise. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, pressure range can be preset. It is mainly applicable to the compartment board of thermal insulation car.

Working principle of hot press: using pulse heating principle, due to the special design of welding joint surface, the resistance of welding surface is very small, and the current will pass through the section with minimum resistance. By constantly changing the voltage and adjusting the current level, the welding head can make it heat rapidly. metal steel hot press

In addition, positive pressure is applied on the basis of negative pressure, with special glue. For the processing of PVC series, the linear position and adhesive force are incomparable with negative pressure equipment. Because of its high pressure, low temperature and short membrane pressure time, the deformation problem of the workpiece (especially large area workpiece) is solved by negative pressure equipment, and the deformation degree of the workpiece is greatly press

It adopts advanced electronic new product control. Through adjustment, it can automatically complete the process of entering, lifting, heating, vacuum, membrane pressure, film stripping and table lowering. It is mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so it is necessary to have enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is made of steel plate as a whole. The overall structure is reasonable. The two worktables can be recycled or used separately. The vacuum can be adjusted as low pressure first and then high pressure suction coating. The membrane pressure can reach 0.4MPa. By adjusting, the product can achieve ideal effect. hot press

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