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Métodos diarios de resolución de problemas y mantenimiento de la puerta de seguridad

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Today’s security doors are very fancy, but the security doors are more or less out of some minor problems, then we know the security doors common problems?

The Security Door Daily Problems And Solutions 

1. A Few Scrapes on The Security Doors

door scratch

When the scratch is shallow, available close to the color of the self spray paint repair (self spray paint building materials hardware market for sale) such as scratch deeper must be repaired with the same plastic powder.

Solution: Take an appropriate amount of plastic powder into the Tanner water into a paste, scrape with a blade to the scar, and then fire close baking for about 20 seconds, to be cooled with sandpaper gently flattened, and finally with self-spraying light oil (commercially available) spray surface to increase brightness.

2. Rattling Sound When The Door Is Opened And Closed After Some Time

First reason: the door fan and door frame hinge side gap are too small and friction sound.

Solution: Adjust the hinges, so that the door fan, door frame maintain the appropriate amount of clearance, and another amount of industrial grease to rub the door fan and door frame hinge side of the combination can be, muffling effect is significant.

Second reason: Hinge bearing wear or hinge rod and hinge box friction sound.

Solution: First, open the door to 90 degrees, at the bottom of the door fan up the appropriate amount of lift. Second, apply a suitable amount of grease to the hinge mounting position. Note! Do not use animal oil or vegetable oil (such as lard, soybean oil) as a lubricant.

3. The Door Shakes Inside And Outside After The Door Is Closed

Sealing Strip

Analysis of the reasons: After a long period after the use of sealing tape has been compressed inelastic, or the use of the process of closing the door is too violent, the door is slightly deformed (not visible).

Solution: In the door fan on the upper and lower steps to paste a double-hole adhesive strip can be.

4. Key Rotation Is Not Flexible

Door Lock

Analysis of the reasons: The handle panel screws are screwed too tight so that the shield offset to the lock core offset or even the door surface pressure is concave.

Solution 1: The puller panel screws relaxed (only the puller can be installed tightly)

Second reason: The inner ring of the lock core guard is not smooth.

Solution 2: Remove the shroud cover and apply the appropriate amount of grease to the inner ring. To facilitate flexibility, the lock cylinder, side lock point, and lock body should be regularly filled with lubricant (usually pencil core powder). Do not fill with other solid lubricants such as butter.

5. Unable to Reverse Lock

Analysis of the reasons: Improper use, the door is opened and closed with excessive force, high winds resulting in the door violently closed, resulting in door deformation, door frame alignment, the door falling, lock point has not been on the door frame lock point hole.

Solution 1: If the door falls (most of the door falls), move the bottom hinge so that the door is cocked upwards.

Solution 2: Find which lock point is topped, corresponding to the appropriate amount of grinding off the door frame lock hole position.

Solution 3: Such as side lock point deformation, the main lock body necrosis, shall replace the new side lock point and lock body.

6. Unable to Open The Door

Heaven and earth lock

Analysis of the causes: dislocation of the rod of the lock, lock cylinder keyhole artificially stuffed with foreign objects, lost keys, lock core, lock body necrosis.

Solution: dislocation of the locking rod: dismantle the handle panel, use a screwdriver and other tools to put the rod back in place.

Foreign objects in the keyhole of the lock cylinder: clean up with detergent or dismantle the panel and smash the lock cylinder to replace it with a new one.

Lost key: cut open the panel and smash the lock core to replace it with a new one. Lock core, lock body necrosis: replace the lock body, lock core.

7. Door Lock Is Astringent or Tight

General people in the door lock astringent, or tight problem, often like to use the lock eye to drop some lubricant or cooking oil quick solution, do so, although the door lock will immediately make the situation better, do not know, because the oil is easy to stick ash, after the lock eye will be easy to slowly accumulate dust, and the formation of grease, which makes the door lock more prone to failure, and will become more and more serious. Encounter such a situation, the correct quick solution is to use a pencil core of toner as a lubricant, filled into the lock core.

8. Door Sheet And Door Frame Friction


Hinges side debris, close the door and cause the hinges by the impact of the external squeeze so that the door surface hinge parts deformation, resulting in indoor surface and door frame friction generated by the sound and paint wear; open the door with excessive force, and cause the hinges by the impact of external squeeze the door surface or door frame displacement, may cause the door surface and door frame friction generated by the sound and paint wear; door seam precision is too high and door surface and door frame gap are uneven or door surface and The door surface and the door frame may be rubbed to produce a rattling sound and wear to the paint surface.


Tighten the expansion screws on both sides of the door frame and widen the distance between the door frames. Use 1~3CM thick long wooden strips to place at the friction, close the door surface and slowly press hard to eliminate the friction. Use an adjustable spanner to adjust the door surface hinge screws, so that the door surface and door frame gap in the best position can be.

Paint wear can be lightened by applying grease to the wear area. Or spray the same glossy self-drying paint. The above problems in the installation of the door to adjust, and according to the installation construction requirements operation can prevent this problem.

The Maintenance of Security Doors 

2. Door frame maintenance: Security door frames are all made of spray plastic material, maintenance methods with spray plastic door fan, but after installation should be as soon as possible with cement to fill the gap between the door frame and the wall, to avoid losses due to the destruction of expansion screws; regularly remove the dust deposited in the lock bolt at the latch of the cannon lock bolt below.

3. Lock maintenance: Regularly blow into the security door lock core a little pencil core powder to ensure that the lock coils rotate freely; regularly inject a little clear machine oil at the cannon lock mechanical transmission, and regularly wipe the lock handle or luxury handle with a soft cloth. 

Door lock 1

4. Doorbell maintenance: The use of a doorbell should be a lightly pressed button, the power is insufficient to replace the battery, if you need to leave home for a longer period, the battery should be removed. 

5. Door mirror maintenance: Should be regularly wiped with a soft cloth, avoid oil or corrosive substances stained, avoid moisture, high temperature, or direct sunlight.


8. Smart door lock maintenance: The smart door lock battery is insufficient to change in time, although you can use the password, the fingerprint is still safer than the password, more convenient.


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