How to Make A Hinge

How to Make A Hinge

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Introduction of A Hinge

  1. Hinges with bearing and hinges without bearing. If you want to produce both of them, it needs two sets of punching molds. 
Hinge 2

2. Hinges with caps and hinges without caps. The hinges without caps need welding and polish.

Hinge 4
Hinge 3

How to Make A Hinge

1. Uncoiler, straightener, and servo feeder for automatic metal sheet feeding.

пневматическая штамповочная машина

2. Making hinges leaf needs a pneumatic press and a mold. Advantages: The traditional process consists of cutting, bending, extruding, fully round, and chamfering. Instead of 5 machines and 5 sets of molds. This way is with higher efficiency, up to 30 pieces of hinges per minute, and the prices are cheaper.

Hinge 1
Hinge 6

3. Polish. Automatic polishing machine: hinge front, backside, and tube part polishing. Usually match with the semi-automatic polish machine.

Automatic polish machine
Automatic polish machine
Semi-automatic polish machine
Semi-automatic polish machine

4. Cutting machine for steel rods.

Cutting machine for steel rods

5. Semi-automatic assembly machine for pin and bearing. For hinges without bearing, it doesn’t need.

Semi-automatic assembly machine for pin and bearing.

6. Semi-automatic assembly machine for two side caps. For hinges without caps, it doesn’t need.

Semi-automatic assembly machine for two side caps

7. Welding machine for a hinge without caps. Then it needs a semi-automatic polish machine to polish the welding marks.

Hinge 3
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