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How to Make Sure The Safety of Hydraulic Press Brakes

How to Make Sure The Safety of Hydraulic Press Brakes

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1. Protection Grating

Safety fences can be added to the front and rear of the hydraulic press brakes. Such as below left and right protection grating.

Protection Grating

2. Light Curtain Protection

The photoelectric light curtain protection generates a protective light curtain by emitting infrared light. When the light curtain is blocked, the device sends out a blackout signal to control potentially dangerous machinery and equipment to stop working and avoid safety accidents.

Light curtain 2

3. Security Valve

A hydraulic security valve is a kind of safety protection valve, it’s opening, and closing parts are under the action of external force in a normally closed state, when the equipment or pipeline medium pressure rises, more than the specified value automatically opens, by discharging media to the system to prevent the pipeline or equipment in the medium pressure exceeds the specified value. The safety valve belongs to the automatic valve category, control pressure does not exceed the specified value, for personal safety and equipment operation plays an important role in protection. When something will break down the press, the slide could not fall.

4. Laser Protection

Les machine à plier protection device is mainly set up near the tip of the upper die of the bending machine to protect the area, forming a laser protection area at 2-3 mm below the upper die. In the process of bending machine use, the bending machine protection device luminous and light receiver can move with the upper die, always and the upper die to maintain the bending machine on the bending machine plus bending machine protection device will not have any impact on the bending machine production, if a worker’s finger into the protection area, it will block the light beam, the bending machine will immediately stop, effectively preventing the occurrence of finger crushing accidents.

Laser protection

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  1. Avatar de Ghazi Elghariani Ghazi Elghariani dit :

    What’s the price of laser protection?

    1. Avatar de Jimmy Jimmy dit :

      Dear Ghazi, the laser protection of the press brake in this article is USD 3000, If your pres brake is NC model, the price will be cheaper. Thank you

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