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Laser cutting machines versus CNC punching machines

Laser cutting machines versus CNC punching machines

1. CNC punching machine and laser cutting machine which is good

Of course laser cutting is good, CNC punching machine can only punch 3mm below the iron plate, aluminum plate, plastic, laser cutting can cut 20mm below the iron plate, steel plate, can not cut plastic, smooth cut.

1.1 Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machines versus CNC punching machines
Laser cutting machines versus CNC punching machines 4

Laser cutting is the manipulation of high power density laser beam reflecting the material to be cut, so that the material is quickly heated to vaporization temperature, evaporation constitutes a hole, followed by the beam to the material movement, the hole continues to constitute a very narrow width (such as 0.1mm cloth) slit, to complete the effect of cutting the material.

1.2 CNC punching machine

Laser cutting machines versus CNC punching machines
Laser cutting machines versus CNC punching machines 5

A CNC punch press is a press type press. The CNC press is an automatic machine tool controlled by a computer programme. Compared to traditional cutting equipment, the CNC press has certain advantages in terms of accuracy and cost. It requires only simple die matching to complete most of the work.

2. Laser cutting machine and CNC punching machine cost comparison

2.1 CNC laser cutting machines can be used for thin as well as thick plate processing, while CNC punching machines are mainly used for thin plate processing.

2.2 CNC laser cutting machines can process a variety of complex graphics, regardless of complexity, can be completed. CNC punching machines can only process simpler shapes.

2.3 CNC laser cutting machines do not need to open moulds, compared to CNC punching machines to develop products, more cost effective.

2.4 The automatic tracking system of the CNC laser cutting machine is able to process on curved surfaces, whereas the CNC punch press has high limitations.

2.5 CNC laser cutting machine processing accuracy, smooth surface burr-free, CNC punching machine processing accuracy is low, fast. Suitable for mass production.

3. The difference between laser cutting machines and CNC punching machines

3.1 Processing materials

Laser cutting machines can cut metal materials (including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanised sheet, aluminium alloy), non-metallic materials (acrylic, plastic, wood panels, fabric, leather, carpets, etc.) materials. Carbon steel up to 20 mm thick can be cut.

CNC punching machines can basically only punch metal materials, generally no thicker than 6 mm.

3.2 Processing flexibility

In terms of flexibility, the laser cutting machine has the advantage of being able to cut holes of any shape and size; whereas the punching machine can only punch and cut holes of a limited number of specifications (the 32-station turret is considered large), and in the case of shaped and large-sized holes, a small die step punching process is used, which is inefficient and has serious die wear.

In order to adapt to the processing needs of different products, the CNC punching machine must purchase a lot of moulds (different sizes, the same size but for different thicknesses of material), and furthermore, must also prepare a warehouse for storing moulds, which in turn increases the demand for mould management. In addition, the CNC punching machine requires a higher degree of flatness and surface cleanliness of the sheet.

3.3 Functions, limitations

Both laser cutting machines and CNC punching machines have their own functional limitations.

If functions (processes) such as shuttering, shallow stretching, countersinking, flap holes, reinforcement, embossing, etc. need to be realized, only CNC punching machines can be used; and for saw blades with silencing slits, only laser cutting machines can do the job.

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