Produção única de dobradiças com máquinas de puncionamento

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Classification And Characteristics of Punching Machines

1. Classification According to The Opening Type of Punching Machines Body

There are two categories of punching machines according to their opening type: open type (C type) and closed type (H type). Those using C-type press bodies are called C-type presses, while the closed type presses are called gantry presses.

  • Gap Type Punching Machine
Pneumatic Punch 2

The C-type press is not symmetrical and the counterforce during punching will cause deformation of the front and rear openings of the press body, resulting in deterioration of the parallelism of the dies and inaccurate punching accuracy. At the same time, the price is much better than that of H-type presses and is the mainstream of stamping machines at present. However, the punching capacity is below 300 tons.

  • Straight Side Mechanical Press
Straight Side Mechanical Press

The closed side press has the advantage of being symmetrical and able to withstand eccentric loads during operation, which prevents the body from opening up during loading. However, the accessibility of the die during operation is poor. Usually, this type is used for large presses above 300 tons, and there are two types of presses: one-piece body and three-section body. 

2. Classified According to The Drive Structure of The Press And The Driving Force Used

Manual punching machine: manual, low efficiency, low pressure, suitable for small holes, paper leather, and other manual processing.

Manual punch

Mechanical presses: mechanical drive, high speed, high efficiency, large tonnage, common.

Mechanical punch

Hydraulic punch press: hydraulic drive, slower speed than mechanical, large tonnage, cheaper than mechanical, very common.

Pneumatic presses: pneumatic drive, comparable to hydraulic, but less stable than hydraulic.

Pneumatic Punch 1

High-speed punching machine: mainly used for electronic products such as continuous die punching and cutting, such as motor stator and rotor pieces, CNC, high speed, can reach about 100 times of the ordinary mechanical punching machine. Common.

CNC punching machine, this kind of punching machine is relatively special, mainly suitable for processing parts with more holes and dense distribution.

3. Classified According to The Speed (The Number of Presses Per Minute) 

Ordinary type punch presses (speed generally in the range of tens to 100 times).

Fast-type punching machines (speed generally in the range of 100 to 200 times).

Small high-speed punching machines (speeds generally in the range of 200 to 400 strokes).

Medium and high-speed type punch presses (speed generally in the range of 400 to 800 times).

High-speed type punching machine (speed is generally above 800 times).

Introduction of HARSLE Production Hinge Punching Machine

1. Reasons For Choosing A Pneumatic Press to Make Hinges

Hinge process

The JH21 C-frame single crank press is suitable to process the lightweight and thin materials through blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink Suitable for single and progressive die application, and it owns the capacity ranging from 25 tons to 400 tons. The steel welded body ensures a rigid frame with less deflection. A forced lubrication system with a default monitor ensures operation reliability. design and all-function electric control system enable the accessories to attach easily.

hinge process (2)

2. Features of The HARSLE Pneumatic Presses

  • Steel welded body, tempering treatment or VSR (Vibratory Stress Relief), high rigidity, accuracy, and stability.
  • Pneumatic dual balance cylinders, which balance the slide and punch weight to reduce noise and impact.
  • The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high-frequency quenching.
  • Lengthened six-face rectangle guide with a surface of the bronze plate.
  • Vertical located crankshaft, compact structure.
  • PLC control and imported safety duplex valve.
  • Wet type combined multi discs friction clutch and brake.
7. Clutch
  • Hydraulic overload protects the pump.

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    Hi, we want to make stainless steel hinge, how much?

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      Hello Kaibarta
      Nice to meet you, Could you please give us your hinge drawing. our punching machines will make the hinge by one punch, it’s much faster than the traditional production line. but at a cheaper price. I will send you our catalog for your reference, please feel free to check your email. Thank you.

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